Welcome to Problem With Authority.

Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life.

Whatever that means.
?This is a portal for anyone and everyone who – for whatever reason – have a little problem with authority.

They just can’t take their boss seriously.

They cringe when someone tells them to do something.
?They just can’t trace inside the lines.

Rants of or related to these topics will be posted periodically. Please submit your own. If you want to… not because someone asked you to…

Our PWA Hall of Fame so far:

Han Solo
PWA traits: Distrust of both the Empire and the Rebel Alliance, hooks up with princesses, shoots Greedo first.

Hunter S Thompson
PWA traits: Pisses off editors, does copious amounts of controlled substances, über critical of politicians and powers on both the left and (especially) the right.

Sam Fuller
PWA traits: war hero/muckraker/director, used to fire a gun after yelling “Action!”, full belief that his own vision will transcend.

Joe Strummer
PWA traits: Clash lyrics drenched in PWA motifs (Who can deny that Sandinista! isn’t top 5 album all time?), stuck to making great music even after making some $, kind of a dick to people.

Dock Ellis
PWA traits: Maced by a stadium security guard who didn’t believe he was a pitcher, threw at Reggie Jackson, and anyone else who showed him up, pitched no-hitter on LSD.

Detective Jimmy McNulty
PWA traits: wow, too many to name… literally couldn’t do anything his bosses told him… Punished for trying to do good police work, opposed to juking the stats for the mayor’s office, heavy drinker of Jamesons.

More to come…